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The Serpent's Tail

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Non Fiction
God and the Gun
Faith and Fatherland are indivisible ingredients of conflict and have historically generated the ingredients we associate with unholy wars.
Rogue Warrior of the SAS: The Blair Mayne Legend
This book tells the story of Lt. Col. Robert Blair Mayne, his unbelievable feats of heroism and highly unorthodox tactics that made him the most decorated British Soldier of the Second World War.
Stone Cold: The True Story of Michael Stone and the Milltown Massacre
Stone Cold tells the story of Michael Stone's dysfunctional childhood and the external influences that helped shape a narcissistic assassin
Twenty-Five Years of Terror: The IRA's War Against the British
This is the first objective and comprehensive survey of the IRA in Britain.
The Dirty War
The Dirty War uncovers a real-life underground world of double and triple agents
The Serpent's Tail
update coming
The Trigger Men
The story of terrorist godfathers and their trigger men.
The Shankill Butchers
Not for the squeamish. A story of cold-blooded mass murder.
The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel's Superspy
Astonishing new evidence about his involvement in global crime and espionage unearthed by Martin Dillon and his co-author, Gordon Thomas.

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