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My Works

The Trigger Men

The Trigger Men takes the reader into the labyrinthine world of terrorist cells and highly classified counter-terrorism units of British Military Intelligence. The individual stories are described in gripping, unflinching detail and show how terrorists carry out their deadly work. Some of those Dillon portrays were sadistic pedophiles, intelligence agents of the State, criminals, soldiers and policeman.

The Shankill Butchers

The Shankill Butchers orchestrated the most vicious reign of serial murders in British criminal history. Devoted followers of Lenny Murphy, a high-school drop-out who attended terrorist trials in order to learn the law, the Butchers’ gang played an elusive cat and mouse game with police that left homicide detectives baffled by the clues and horrified by the crime scenes.

God and the Gun

Martin Dillon comments that while writing God and the Gun he found it easier to encourage terrorists to talk about religion and politics than the many priests and ministers of religion he tried to interview. He adds that Faith and Fatherland are indivisible ingredients of conflict and have historically generated the ingredients we associate with unholy wars.

The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel's Superspy

This is the last great untold story of the larger-than-life figure that was Robert Maxwell. The book contains an in-depth examination of the clues, contradictions and cover-up surrounding Maxwell’s sudden and suspicious death. It reads like a thriller with its powerful, merciless characters from the criminal and surveillance fraternities.

Rogue Warrior of the SAS: The Blair Mayne Legend

Half a century after his death, Lt. Col. Robert Blair Mayne, of the British Special Air Service, is still regarded as one of the greatest soldiers in the history of military special operations. This book tells the story of his unbelievable feats of heroism and highly unorthodox tactics that made him the most decorated British Soldier of the Second World War. It also delves into his conflicted personal life. While there was talk of a lost love, he never married and some of his contemporaries felts that his resentment of gays in the military reflected his concerns about his own sexuality.

Stone Cold: The True Story of Michael Stone and the Milltown Massacre

In March 1988, three unarmed members of an IRA active service unit, shot dead by SAS operatives in Gibraltar, were buried in Belfast's Milltown Cemetery. Loyalist terrorist, Michael Stone unleashed a deadly rampage at their funeral, which was seen live on television screens across the globe.

Twenty-Five Years of Terror: The IRA's War Against the British

This is the first objective and comprehensive survey of the IRA in Britain. It examines the bombing campaign in Britain before and after the Second World War; the IRA's flirtation with Nazism and Eire's wartime neutrality, and how that conditioned British policy towards Ireland; and the bombing campaigns of the 1970s and 80s.

The Dirty War

With all the intrigue of a good spy novel, The Dirty War uncovers a real-life underground world of double and triple agents - many of whom have shared their stories with the author. It exposes the covert strategies and tactics used in political conflicts, including the use of terrorist agents and the 'enforcers' used by terrorists to seek out collaborators in their ranks.

The Serpent's Tail

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